11 June 2012

I Am Back!

Really I am!

I am sorry I left all of you for so long. As I mentioned in my last post (oh so long ago), I ended up leaving my job at the library network for a director's job back in western MA. This meant within about four weeks I needed to find a new place to live, pack, get moved, transfer my niblets' schools, start a new job. It has taken me the last month (and more) to really get my feet under me. However, this blog is important to me, and I plan to get back in the swing of things with posts about the new digs - am I growing anything? Have I picked up needles in the last few months? How about a book?

Also, the job is so interesting! I have been a manager before, but this is really my first job where I am THE PERSON in charge. My library is in a small city and privately owned. It has had its share of news dealing with previous people associated with the library, but I feel that since I stepped in at the beginning of April, I am starting to place my own stamp on things. It is amazing how many ideas are coming forward on how "I would do things", but things have been done wonderfully, and my great staff and I are working on ways to make it all blend together.

I am also getting back into reviewing, but between reviewing and writing for Library Journal and my reviews at The Lesbrary, I may not have as many review posts here. However, I will make sure to link to them as I can, and still share about the books I care about.

Is everyone else getting ready for a good summer?