16 November 2010

Reading, Writing, Reviewing

I read.  I read a lot.  Not as much as I used to when I was younger, I admit, but then I didn't have a life beyond my homework, my art  and my books.  Now, I have a job and niblets and a house and a cat and friends and...well, a bit more than I did in my teen years.  But, I do still have books.  Not as many as I used to keep and cart around, but some that have traveled with me since I was a child.  Hopefully some of those my children will eventually pick up.  I also admit to being a fast reader due to skimming more than reading, at times.

I loved being a cataloger and acquisitions librarian in my previous jobs, as that gave me the chance to buy books for my libraries, to make decisions on what to add to the collections, for patrons (including myself) to have access to and read.  Such joy!   Part of this joy was reading review sources: Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Ingram and even websites like B & N and Amazon.

I always wanted to be one of those reviewers.  However, one thing I never got the hang of in library school was reviewing.  My only experience with it was in my Childrens' Literature course, and I never made my instructor happy with my reviews.  I would compare what I wrote to what I saw in those publications, to my fellow students in class.  I lost faith in my ability to do them, much like I lost my faith in my art when I compared myself to what I saw others produce.

I thought I couldn't write, but here I am putting pieces of me in posts for the whole world to see.  Of course I can write.  I am just my harshest critic.

My current job is out of libraries, but I am still a librarian.  I handle library catalogs and webpages instead of books and CDs.  But I still love reading, and sharing that with other people.  Being a LibraryThing Early Reviewer has made me dip my toe back into reviewing books.  I have also just signed up for NetGalley and received my first couple of items from Harlequin there to read and review.  You will start seeing some of those reviews here too, along the way.

If I can put my thoughts about my work, my home, my kids - all things that I love - here on my blog, why not about something else I enjoy?  Why not?

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  1. And I'm definitely looking forward to reading your reviews!