25 May 2011

Armchair BEA: A Few of My Favorite Blogs

I have had enough raindrops nor do I have any roses, so I promise not to sing. :)

I missed the boat on the blogger interviews, so today's post will be about some of those blogs and bloggers that I adore and are must-reads for me through each week.

Some of them I have met in person, some I know from Twitter, some I have discovered from the previous two. What I enjoy about all of these blogs is that the bloggers have smart reviews, are passionate about reading and know how to have fun! There are going to be many (oh, so many!) more blogs to add to this list after this week, but for now I will highlight the ones I have followed until now.

Abby the Librarian I discovered Abby through Stacked, and I love her reviews of children's and young adult materials. Even though my niblets are older, my own interests in buying local makes me want to run out and get To Market, To Market.

Cozy Chicks This group of mystery writers know their audience - and books! In between reviews we get peeks into the personal lives of these authors.

Dreaming in Books This high school student reviews mostly YA fiction, but ranges out to romances, chick lit and just hosted LGBTQ Voice last month.

Farmbrarian This duo reviews non-fiction works on sustainability, growing and consuming food. They have made my to-read list on farming and food grow exponentially.

Galleysmith Another Twitter comrade who has amazing literacy skills and technology background, besides writing a great book review! She is one of the organizers of the Book Blogger Convention.

Opinions of a Wolf One of my posse over at Team Unicorn, Amanda writes about books, movies, and Friday Fun at her blog.

Paperback Dolls These ladies review a lot in the paranormal romance and urban fantasy genres, which are some of my favorites.

Stacked When I used to work in a public library, I was head of a teen book club and did some of the YA fiction purchasing. That was a few years ago, and my attention to the genre drifted. The bloggers at Stacked are smart readers and reviewers, and they have helped bring me back into the fold of YA reading again.

The Lesbrary Reviews and other links for lesbian-themed or -authored books. I am part of the Lebrarian Team and usually have a review at the end of each month.

Title and Statement of Responsibility Another of my Team Unicorn clan, Anna writes book reviews on varied genres, along with meditations on random topics. You can also find her discussing library collection development at Collection Reflection.

These are definitely all the book (-s and more!) blogs I read on a regular basis, but definitely some of my favorites. I am looking forward to finding lots of new ones this week! I think I will break my Google Reader.

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