10 July 2011

In My Mailbox (17)

Welcome to In My Mailbox! Hosted by The Story Siren, it is a way to showcase books received for review or won, picked up at the library, or purchased in the last week. Titles link to Goodreads.

For Review:

The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds by Robert Gough and Cheryl Moore-Gough. I appreciate Storey Publishing sending me this title to review. I am really great at buying those wonderful seed packets each year, but thought it would be good to look at the opposite side of it and learn about saving them. 


This past holiday weekend I drove my daughter and myself back to upstate NY to pick up her brother before the start of summer camp. Of course, this meant I needed to avoid the highway traffic by taking the long way west, which also of course meant I should stop at my faves The Book Bear and Raven Books because who would pass up an opportunity to stop and shop for books?

Well, fine. I wouldn't.

Summer Knight and Death Masks by Jim Butcher. Love this series, so it is time to start collecting.

Stage Fright and Robber's Wine by Ellen Hart. Great lesbian mystery series I have been reading the last several years.

Decaffeinated Corpse and Murder Most Frothy by Cleo Coyle. I reviewed the last title of this cozy mystery series back in February. Cozies and coffeehouses? Awesome mix. 

Bloodroot by Susan Wittig Albert. Another mystery series I enjoy, this one about an herbalist-shop owner.


I snatched a bunch of books sitting at my parents' home this past weekend. Childhood books that I continue to cling to, even though I know full well my niblets will never pick them up unless an animated series comes out on Disney or Cartoon Network first.

My Oz series. For those that may not have realized that there were books after The Wizard of Oz, the following books were SO much more entertaining, in my opinion. Even back then I didn't know to collect them all in one binding. Although I did have them all in that mass market run, yet Ozma of Oz seems to have gone missing.

My Raggedy Ann boxed set. I used to read Raggedy Ann in Cookie Land, then crave sugar cookies and a tub of frosting. Go figure. I think that Charlotte's Web and Superfudge were bought to read in school, probably third or fourth grade. The others were dug out of the attic of my mother's childhood home: Cherry Ames, Senior Nurse, Janet Lennon: Adventures at Two Rivers, and Trudy Phillips, New Girl

Trixie Belden. The hardcovers came from my mom's attic holdings, the paperbacks were acquired when they were reprinted in the early 90s. 

Do you have any books that were passed down in your family? Happy Reading!