30 December 2011

2011 Goal Review

Back in January I gave myself a list of goals for the year and while I looked at it at mid-year, I seem to have forgotten to monitor during the Fall (oops!). Let's see how well things held up on my goals for 2011:


Read 100 books: Done! I hit 105 books for the year, and already have some bookmarked for 2012. I wonder if I shall hold steady, or should I challenge myself to more?

Review at least 2x a month: I had a bit of a slump this fall. Writing became difficult, and I was not driven the way I wanted. I averaged at least 2x a month, but was not consistent. Also, I started another blog, which has slumped a little at year's end too. Am I spreading myself too thin?

Try Audiobooks: Yup, just the one. Time to pick up some titles again. As I discovered, it is a lot easier for me to get into non-fiction audio than fiction. I think that has to do with the imagery my brain creates while reading fiction - which is not always the best to do while driving.


Finish Four Projects: Two! Better than none, but not to my goal. I get ambitious, then lazy about my knitting. I think smaller projects are key for me, along with understanding my knitting habits better.

Sort my Stash: Much of this has been unpacked in the upstairs room, but still sorting through a couple bins. I know there is yarn I haven't seen in years. Maybe it is time to start purging it?

Get It All on Ravelry: Well, this was not accomplished. I think it is still a good idea, however. Ravelry is a wonderful resource for knitters (you should see my pattern queue).


Get Tattoo: Done! I was happy to get the start of what will become a larger arm piece this fall. I really hope to add to this in the next few months.

Other Pursuits:

Grow My Garden: This was another so-so year for growth. I did get a soil sample out before the ground froze too much, and that is on its way to UMASS for testing. Hopefully this will give me a start on what I need to do to make the beds better for what I want to grow.

Preserve More: Ketchup, tomato sauce and applesauce were done. Unfortunately the October storm knocked out power for a week at the house, and I lost the quarts of strawberries I had in the chest freezer. That will definitely go on my list for next summer, as I am out of jam. I also discovered that the kind of apples used make a difference. I had a bag of Macs among my Empires, and they were so watery I only ended up with a half-dozen pints of sauce. That won't last the winter.

Take Space: The Ferry Beach conference was wonderful and I am definitely headed back next year. In fact,  this next year I am one of the conference coordinators! I feel honored to have been asked to participate in such a direct way, and look forward to seeing my spirit sisters again next August. I am also blessed to have a family willing to take on my children during occasional vacation times, and now their father lives in the same state, which benefits everyone.

I am already pondering the goals I will have for next year. Some are close to my heart and not ready for reveal, but others will definitely be listed. This was a terrific experiment for me in intention and manifesting when dealing with Life goals. I want to continue this process, and will definitely have a new list of goals for the coming year on the blog.

Do you already have some goals, resolutions or Life changes decided?