02 February 2012

Giveaway: Barnheart

If you long for the days that will get you back outside in the sun, digging in the garden, looking at chicken coop plans, then it is likely that you have heard of Jenna Woginrich.

Author of the popular Made From Scratch and Chick Days, her latest book is Barnheart, which I reviewed on the blog yesterday. I was looking forward to this one so much I leaped at grabbing a copy from the store as soon as I could last month. Little did I know that Storey Publishing would be sending me a review copy also. This means I have a copy available for my readers!

This giveaway will be a little different than the others. Just leave a comment below about your Barnheart (if you have it!). How do you express it? What are you still hoping to do?

I have my garden space in back, and try to can and preserve through the seasons. I have spearheaded a campaign to allow chicken hens in our fair city, and right now it is in committee. One day, I hope to have the land and space for more, but until then I will fulfill my Barnheart the ways that I can.

The Rules: Giveaway ends at 9 PM Monday, Feb 6. Winner will be announced on the blog Tuesday morning. One comment per person; please make sure that you include your email one way or another on the comment so I can contact you! The book will be mailed directly from me, so I will get your information that day.

Good luck!