18 July 2012

@ The Library - Summer Reading Crafts for Adults

It's been another busy couple weeks at the library! Summer Reading is underway, with both an Adult and Youth Program available. I have never overseen summer reading before, and taking on the adult program was challenging and fun at the same time.

I definitely believe in not "recreating the wheel". There has been an Adult Summer Reading Program at my library for a few years, and I did not want to change it entirely - but I did want to make some changes to the events, which was introducing crafts.
I admit it - I like to make things. I am a knitter, always loved art projects when I was younger, and I completely support the notion of "Why should kids have all the fun?" Of course, I didn't want to overlap with the Youth Department, so I went to the internet for inspiration, mainly Pinterest

If you haven't used Pinterest for inspiration in any part of your life, go take a look. I have my own set of boards, but know that libraries are starting to use them for collection highlights. Our library system, MLS, has a set of pin for the MA 2012 Summer Library Program, which is where I found my idea for Glow Jars. The Collaborative Summer Reading Program, which MA is part of, had resources for adult programs and I was inspired to try out lavender sachets.

We had the Glow Jar craft a couple weeks ago. Supplies were simple: clean glass jars of different sizes (having a dishwasher at home, along with Goo Gone, made this easy), glow in the dark paint (from the local big box store) and paint brushes.

The jars were a combination of ones already being saved down in the Youth Department and ones I had collected at home.

My sign - with a couple of samples I made. One I splattered the paint inside with the paintbrush, the other I painted in patches.

We had about a dozen patrons drop-in for this event, which being the first adult craft, I count as a success! This afternoon is the lavender sachet craft, so I will let you know about that next week.