02 July 2012

@ The Library

So, I have now been in my new town and new job for almost three months. When I decided to take the job as a library director, I knew that I could be setting myself up for a lot of things I was not expecting. I have a diverse enough background - my librarian path has covered cataloging, acquisitions, reference, circ desk, technology, digitization, ereaders and ebooks, my other experience in finance, bookkeeping, municipal work, and book retail helps for sure. 

There has been a lot of administration - budget, meetings, scheduling, mail, invoices, vendors - tasks I have not had to deal with a lot before, but are now mine on a daily basis. Some days I feel like I do not get up from my desk, but I have been able to work the desks (upstairs on the main adult level and downstairs in the Youth Department) and start seeing some of the regular faces that come in. However, there have been some interesting and unique things I have worked on also.

So, let's take a look at some of the things I have done since I started...

While I admit I am a wannabe beekeeper, this is not the route I was planning on going with it.

The library has had carpenter bees up in the eaves for the last few years, so when my custodian said he would spray before the library opened, I came to help. Of course, I had to suit up to protect myself!

I also replaced the flush valve on the running staff toilet my first week in. No, I didn't take pictures of that.

My library has very limited display space, but I really wanted to find a place to highlight titles each month, beyond the New Titles Bookshelf. So, I moved a printer cartridge recycling bin, found a rolling cart that wasn't being used, and bingo - instant (and portable) display space. We highlighted gardening titles to start, but also had a display for Ray Bradbury, and now it holds titles for the Adult Summer Reading Program.

I have ideas - big picture, pie-in-the-sky ideas - but I have tried to spend the last weeks getting to know my staff, the patrons, and make sure we all feel we are on stable ground before moving forward. These people have been here longer than me, and they know the library inside and out. I need to learn from them as much as they will look to me for support and guidance.

And they will get it for a whole next year, as I signed my new contract last night! :)