04 February 2013

@ The Library: Blind Date with a Book

I love doing displays, and since I came into my library last year (it seems pretty amazing to be able to say that. Yes, I know it is only February.) I have been making sure that we have one or two up a month on the main floor, besides our Staff Picks. From the amount of times I have to fill in holes, I think they have been doing well.

So, I wanted something tied into the idea of February and the overall theme of love, but still make it fun. Thanks to many libraries and librarians that are promoting their own displays, I discovered "Blind Date with a Book".

The premise is simple: wrap up a bunch of titles (I decided to go with adult and YA, which are on the main floor, backlist or new titles that haven't seem to have been checked out yet) and put a little blurb on the front to entice the patron to give it a try. I kept it pretty simple with genre/theme, and decided not to use the barcodes that are already on the books. Instead we will circulate them "pre-cataloged" so the title is still a surprise to the patron until they unwrap it.

I would like to say this was my plan all along, however it came about because I wrapped a dozen titles without writing down the barcode beforehand. I am a librarian, I can adapt.

Of course, we want to know what patrons think of their "dates", so we have a "Rate Your Date" form available for them to fill out if they want. My design was totally inspired by the Atlantic County Library System's rating card, so I gave them credit at the bottom.

I decided to not only put them at our regular main desk display cart, but in our New Titles section, as both areas are pretty high traffic.

Has your library done Blind Date with a Book? What other displays do you find are a hit with your patrons?