02 April 2013

@ The Library: April Displays & Programming

As usual, trying to plan ahead meant looking up what April celebrated. I already had a gardening display in mind, because I have been waiting anxiously to be able to work the ground (and new indoor plants) and finally the weather seems to be making that final transition from winter to spring.

I wanted to try something a bit different for the signage, so I created a Wordle. I saw another library posting that used one also so I was inspired (if only I could remember which library/blog, I would totally give credit).

I like how you can not only play with font, but with arrangement and color. After creating a custom palette of colors, I kept clicking the palette until I got colors that were strong enough for the display.

April is National Poetry Month, and while we do not have a large collection, I wanted to highlight those titles. Then I discovered that it is also Jazz Appreciation Month. I am not a huge jazz fan, but I do appreciate it! It is also a topic that I thought would mix well with poetry, so I created a combined display.

Originally I was going to create two small displays, but the shelving I have (next to our New Titles area) is limited so I knew that I couldn't get away with two signs. Instead I mixed the jazz and poetry titles together, looked for an appropriate quote and created a sign for the compound display.

The quote is a not-quite-complete one by Abraham Maslow (American psychologist best known for his theory of the hierarchy of needs), stating "A musician must make music...a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself."

It seemed fitting.

This month is also fast-tracking summer programming for the adult Summer Reading Program. Yes, I am only starting now, but my Youth Department already has everything scheduled and I try to work around their events, because many of my adult participants have children in the Youth SRP.

We are trying to keep with this year's overall theme, "Groundbreaking Reads/Dig Into Reading". We have a big gardening base here so I am definitely looking that way for both events and craft programs. I don't think the adults here had any hands-on crafts during SRP before, but we had good turnouts for the two I did last year, so I hope to keep that going!

Is anyone else doing summer reading for adults?


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