08 April 2013

@ The Library: Library Tea & First Anniversary

This weekend I actually played a Saturday Librarian! (If you don't know why that may be important, take a look at the hashtag #saturdaylibrarian on Twitter.) My library has been closed for a few years now on the weekends, and when I was hired one of the items mentioned was being able to reopen on Saturdays. We haven't quite gotten there yet, but with a couple of things happening in our future, I am hopeful we will see Saturday hours before the end of the year.

I work for an incorporated (privately-held, not a City-owned) library, and each year the Association holds a tea for the public to come in, enjoy food, meet members of the Corporation, library staff and stakeholders, and enjoy the library for a couple of hours. We had our Library Tea on Saturday. It was a lovely day, so we were able to open the front doors and invite the public in. Our Friends group had a display up too!

All in all it was a great time!

I realized that Monday is my anniversary at the library too! I have been a library director for one year - a long and short time, I have to say. It has really flown by, and I feel that I have made accomplishments I am happy with: running my first Adult Summer Reading Program, getting a second circulation computer put in, building contacts with the local businesses and arts community, creating more adult programming, including our weekly ebook drop in class. Yet I see so much on the horizon, especially this year as we do strategic planning and start work on the goals of our technology plan.

Plus, I guess since the first anniversary is paper, I am certainly celebrating that in style...