12 June 2013

June Is Crazy-Busy Librarian Month

It has been a crazy ride for June already! For me, June is the end of our fiscal year at the library so I am trying to make sure that all our invoices, purchase orders, and such are going to be set and/or cleared at the end of the month. Our Annual Meeting for the Corporators is next week so I am preparing the Annual Report and getting the budget for next year finalized.

Our Friends group is finishing their year with an Annual Meeting and ice cream social later this week. I will be doing a "Hot Summer Reads" booktalk for adults and young adults.

Plus, it is Summer Reading Program time! I have everything just about set for the adult program, and we are finishing set up for the youth program. We will begin in two weeks, just before school lets out. They are running late this year due to the snow days taken by the district.

I am trying to line up all my ducks because I will be gone not only the first day of Summer Reading, but the first two weeks! Why? I will be heading to Chicago for my very first ALA Annual Conference! I am terrified thrilled because not only do I get to attend, but I am actually presenting twice!

Since both of my programs are on the same day, this means that I get to participate (and probably overextend) myself at a number of other amazing programs and events. With the ALA Scheduler up and running, I have been able to pull together a lot that seem interesting, while trying to remember I do not have to attend everything. Because then I will die.

I know that there are a lot of colleagues and friends that I have met, mostly online, that will be attending too. So, I wanted to have a chance to say hi, whether passing at a program or attending an event. I am posting my schedule as it stands below, and I do hope that I will get the opportunity to meet many of the fabulous people I talk with every day, in one place or another. So, drop me a line here or via Twitter (@booksnyarn), and I'll see you in Chicago!