28 April 2014

All the Change

Spring has sprung!  I am ready to open windows, let air and light in, and move forward from the stasis that winter seems to bring from so many directions.

There has been a lot going on for me professionally, which is still quite amazing to me. I never thought I would be one that would have my name out and about (while harboring secret introverted wishes to do the just that), but with colleagues and friends advocating for me, I am happy to report the following:

In January I was named one of Library Journal's Reviewers of the Year. My dear editor Mahnaz Dar said some wonderful words about me. While I have been working on genre fiction for a few years, this past year I started doing home economics, specifically focusing on homesteading and urban farming topics. It is such an honor to be recognized for the work I do with Library Journal, and I really enjoy stretching my writing mind in different ways.

Then, in March, I was named a 2014 Library Journal Mover and Shaker. For all of the discussion this award has wrought the last couple of years, I admit that for me, this is one of the biggest accomplishments I have had. I was named a Community Builder for the work I have done at my library the last two years. When I look at what was listed, and knowing many things that were not, I cannot believe I had time to do much of anything else besides be at the library! However, the Board, my amazing staff, and the community has truly lined up behind the library and shown that they do support us.

So, the award was truly bittersweet as it came at the same time I was announcing my resignation as director. I was not expecting to be transitioning this soon, but I accepted a position at the Massachusetts Library System, which began in April. I am the Advisor to Small Libraries, one of a group that travels throughout the state supporting libraries and their staff with all sorts of library issues, along with continuing education. MLS provides state-wide delivery service, continuing education, and is piloting the state-wide eBook platform, of which my former library is one of the test locations. I will be focusing on small libraries (pop. under 5,000), but be available to any member in the Commonwealth.

This is a big transition for me, as not only is my workplace no longer just a mile from my home, but I will be doing a lot of traveling throughout the state each week. However, I find it exciting to be part of this group, and being in a supportive role for so many librarians and library staff will be a great challenge.

I have another bit of professional news, but am going to save that for another post since this one is coming so late!