24 July 2007

I've Been Ravelry-ed!

I found this site Ravelry through the blogs of the Yarn Harlot, WEBS and MelissaKnits. So, if all three of these illustrious knitters think this was a good thing, well I want to hop on that bandwagon.

Also mentioned was that the site is in beta form and letting people sign up, with invites taking as long as five months. But the blog-swooning that I found coming from all these ladies told me that the wait would be worth it.

And today--I got my invite! I made a quick jaunt through the site, checking out the projects, the pictures, the people. I can show people all my half-finished projects! People who understand why I have a half-dozen in the basket, yet I am still looking at new patterns. I can print a card that lists all my needles! I have been looking for a way to figure out what I need, and staring at all those 14 in. needles made the little numbers swim before me.

I can also catalog and post my stash! That makes this little public library cataloger's heart beat a might bit faster--I know, it takes so little. However, this will have to be delayed until my move is finished. In a fit of packing frenzy, I boxed up all my stash for the next couple of weeks.

Sometimes it doesn't pay to think ahead.

12 July 2007

I Am Really Here...Somewhere

My life has gone into overdrive since last Thursday, at least in my mind. Plus all the people asking me if I was feeling over my head yet...that doesn't exactly help.

You see, I got offered a new job! One that I really, really wanted--without knowing I wanted it until you are half-way through the interview and you go "Damn, this would be great work!" And lo and behold, here I go!

For the last three years I have done cataloging and acquisitions for public libraries. I love it. Love it with a capital L. However, living in western MA with a Master's degree and two children and working jobs at non-professional wages, not so good.

Now, I am doing a bit of a shift. I will be working for C/W MARS, which handles the automated resources for libraries in central and western MA. My official title will be Digital Resources Librarian, as I will be coming in to maintain Digital Treasures, a repository of older images from the libraries. I will begin by doing some web design and code for other programs. This scares the living daylights out of me, as it is a weakness in my skills, but I am all for on-the-job training.

So, right now I am trolling for apartments in the Worcester area, preparing to pack up my belongings from the last three years, and hoping to purge a lot of unnecessary items. This is crucial to do the next couple of weeks, as the children are with their grandparents and not here to fight for the toys with missing pieces and three-year-old homework that is stuffed into the far recesses of desk drawers.

However, this also means packing up much of my knitting. No way that I can concentrate on it at this point. How am I going to function so far from WEBS? Thank the gods for internet ordering--plus I am sure I will be able to make some excuses for the hour drive west.

But, if anyone knows of any really good yarn stores in the Worcester area, please help a fellow knitter out!

01 July 2007


Last weekend was wonderful and WAY too short. Since it is basically my only summer vacation, in fact, my ONLY vacation for the rest of the year, I will move on before I bring myself to tears.

My brain is pretty much mush right now. My daughter is back to enjoy three weeks of summer camp before heading to meet her brother in Lake George for the rest of the summer. (Well, I guess that could be considered my "summer vacation") We went to Six Flags yesterday, and I don't understand how six hours there could reduce my legs to the spaghetti strands they are today, as opposed to two days wandering downtown Toronto.

But, back to the topic on hand. Chautauqua. This is the one that brought the whole movement together and to a forefront. It is truly a wonderful place, I always breathe easier when there. It is a bit different though. It is a gated community: you can get day or season passes. Most vehicles have to be parked off-grounds, and main modes of personal transporation are bicycle or feet. There is a theatre, an opera house, a wonderful arts and music program, and each week is themed for the speakers and sessions. While there is some newer homes on the north and south ends, much of the center of the community are the summer homes and cottages that have existed for more than 100 years. I was fortunate to work for the Archives one summer, and love being able to go back. I don't know exactly what else to say about it so here are some pictures I took:

Pretty, huh?