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About This Blog

The Books:

I am currently serving as an advisor for our state system, providing training, continuing education, and advisory services. While I am the liaison to small libraries, I am passionate about ebooks, collection development, and reader's advisory.

In my past years I have been I am a former library director, I have worked for a network handling web and digital services, as a cataloger, in reference and acquisitions. I have also worked in book retail for over ten years. I read far more books than I can ever remember the plots, which is one of the reasons I have started reviewing for Library Journal or at The Lesbrary. I hope to share my love - and sometimes not so much love - for the printed word, whether it is on the page or on my ereader.

The Yarn:

I have more containers of yarn than I will ever have knitting projects. I know that will always be the case. I have yarn that I have forgotten I have bought. At least two or three times. I find intarsia rather fun, but cables frighten me to no end.

The Ink:

I grew up with a father who acquired many tattoos in the Navy and never thought much about them. However when I was 21 my dad won a radio contest to have another tattoo done. On the air. On Christmas Eve. He invited me to go with him - and I ended up with my first seven months later. I am still counting.

The Other Pursuits:

My late grandfather inspired me to finally take up gardening, and somewhere along the way I have discovered my green thumb. Comparing my green thumb to his is comparing celadon to British Racing green, but I still have a lot to learn. I have also learned to can, make cheese and yogurt, took a beekeeping class and eventually plan to own chickens.

I am the mom of two beautiful children, my niblets, whose reading tastes make this librarian cry. I love them anyway.