17 October 2007

Getting a Little Green

I love plants. They don't always love me though, as my most recent battle with a rosemary plant was lost. However, my upstairs neighbor recently gifted me with graftings of some of her plants (of which she has many). I may try to fight her for outdoor space next spring. There isn't a lot. A small area next to the front walkway. A tub on the front lawn. But, it encourages me to know that space can be made.

So, I have been inspired. I recently got this book from the library. It has wonderful listings of vegetables and herbs that all can be grown in containers. Did you know you can do hanging baskets for tomoatoes? I just wish it had turnips listed - I have been introduced to the wonderful flavour of fresh turnips sauteed with garlic. It beats all my childhood grumbles.

I currently have a small pile of plants that I do and do not know the names for. I have a couple Moses in the Basket. I have a Christmas cactus. I have a wonderful aloe plant. He has been with me for a couple years now, and I have gifted pups (as the little baby shoots are called) to a couple of friends. This is one plant I cannot kill. When I was in college, I had an aloe. In a basement apartment, I placed it in the windowsill of my kitchen. Now, mind you, my kitchen was at the interior of the layout, which meant the window faced the dirt underneath the front porch of the building. No sun, no water. I came away with three plants.

But my newest baby is this one. Ain't she purty? My sweet Lady J. sent her all the way from Indiana (not that she looks like a mid-Western bloom, does she?). This is a moth orchid, and the first I have ever owned. She's got a pedigree and everything, with the cross-breeds used to create her listed on the label. Funny thing about them is the aerial roots, she looks like she is overflowing her pot. Her colours are lovely though, and I am very fond of her.

Even if she is pink.

02 October 2007

Where Did I Go?

Everyone seems to have come and/or gone somewhere.

Kathy just got back from a vacation in Florida. Sheri is off to the mountains. My friend e_nigma came to Massachusetts from Utah, I think that counts. Melissa went to Maine. Stephanie came to her senses after finishing her latest book (and I cannot wait to get my hands on THAT!).

I have gone absolutely NOWHERE. Well, a bit crazy, possibly. I am still unpacking bits and pieces in containers from my move two months ago. My kids are having separate and distinct issues in school. My body seems to have lost its ability to recharge at night and I wake up tired and inflexible each morning. I have discovered that I totally missed both the start of the colour change in leaves and the fact that sunset comes an hour earlier than I thought. And, I find myself single, once again, after a mutual realization that love doesn't always mean happily ever after.

So, I have decided to devote this blog to the places that I would like to be, go to, or otherwise find myself in...

1. Italy - After reading Under the Tuscan Sun I dream of finding myself wandering small markets and eating outside. Although I will need a chauffeur, cause the descriptions of driving some of those streets is enough to make me give up cars altogether.

2. San Francisco - Besides wanting to admire this lovely venue of GLBT life, I think walking those hilly streets would put me in the best shape of my life.

3. Napa Valley - Beautiful country. Wine tours. I don't know what is much better.

4. Hawaii - Just cause it's Hawaii. I am not a sun worshipper, but I will take a walk on the beach any day.

5. Maine - Every person in my immediate family has been but me, dammit! It's matter of principle. And LL Bean.

6. Disney World - I went once at the age of 17, and only the Magic Kingdom and Epcot existed at the time. I wish I could say this was all for my children, but honestly, I want to go on the rides!

7. England - This has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. I was a devoted student of the British monarchy, and fell in adoration with a British exchange student in high school. How can you resist the accent?

8. Japan - Untangling My Chopsticks brought to life the cuisine and the history of the tea ceremony.

Until then, I will keep reading and dreaming.