25 March 2008

Let There Be Light

Happy Birthday to me!

I have been waiting for this baby since I saw it sitting in my parent's hallway last month. I KNEW it was for me (well, duh), but waited until last weekend to receive it. No bow or nothin'. Yes, that would be my sewing machine behind the rack. The best place to set it up was my crafting table in my bedroom. I left the flats in my southern window for the weekend and ended up with some not-so-mysteriously chewed cabbage seedlings. Luckily the cats only seemed to have eaten half of them.

So, now my two flats - plus the egg carton of thyme, parsley and scallions - are under the lights from the time I wake up until I go to bed. Since that ends up usually being 6a - 10p, it falls into that 12-16 hours of light the seedlings need. My romaine is already leggy,
so I may have to start that over, but we'll see.

On to knitting: my friend Jen and our kids (my niblets and her beautiful baby girl) accompanied me to WEBS to find yarn and needles for my upcoming sock class. I have a gift certificate and I was not afraid to use it! Well, ok, a little. I just got the yarn and needles; the fumes from the warehouse out back overcame me and I had to leave. I still have to get all the equipment for my class with the Kangaroo Dyer. Six hours of dyeing yarn, painting skeins and playing with colour. My kind of day.

Easter was festive and fun. We have spent almost every Easter since I was a child up at my aunt's house in WAY upstate NY. This year was no exception, beginning with an egg hunt for the kids. This is always an interesting event, as most years we end up with a couple eggs missing. Last year they were found once all the snow melted. The year before it was surmised that the dogs must have eaten them - they like chocolate. However the gods smiled on us and all eggs were found, even with the snow and iced up driveway.

And the help of a rotating crew of parents and grandparents.

14 March 2008

Endings and Beginnings

I was home sick yesterday. I did rest some, but I am also happy to note that I took some photos to show that I am actually getting things done! No, not talking housework..


This is my daughter's sweater, started
in my WEBS class I don't even know how long ago now. All I needed for the last couple of months was to pick up the stitches around the neck and add the collar. This I finally did while sitting in the surgical waiting room while my girl went under the knife on a day that followed a devilish storm in central NY. But it ended, the surgery ended, and so did this.


I have seedlings!

Last weekend I planted two 24-cell flats of broccoli, romaine, cabbage, tomatoes, basil, coriander and strawberries. Six days later, I have this.

But this is only one flat, and I already discovered some mold along the top of a couple of cells. Since these flats are self-watering, I pulled the mats to hope that they will dry a bit. One flat hasn't come up yet, but I will wait another week before deciding if I need to start over with them.

Unfortunately I have little southern exposure, although my bedroom windows do face that way, so I have been propping the flat there with a knitting basket (See, two loves that do go together!) My grow light will come with my birthday at the end of the month, then I can give these babies exactly what they want.

By now, this really drives my desire for spring. So, it is exactly what I want too.

02 March 2008

Raise Your Knitting Needles and Be Heard

I will fully admit that I haven't been able to catch this program as often as I should, but shows that cater to us crafters MUST be saved!

Sign this. Make your statement:

Save KnittyGritty!

*Thanks to MelissaKnits for bringing this to my attention - now it's on to you.