26 June 2008

Quick Notes

Lots of craziness over the last week:

1. The niblets finished school - one by the skin of her teeth - and are safely ensconced with the grandparents for two weeks. They are going to be touring this summer - start with the grandparents, then back home for a couple weeks of summer camp, then with a family friend for travel in NY and camping, then back to the grandparents. I know summer has just started, but I think it will fly by quickly.

2. I got a new job! Well - I got a promotion. My supervisor decided that he wanted to be back among people for his work. Reference librarians, always have to deal with the people to be happy. That was why I became a cataloger - I don't mind being shut away from mankind for weeks on end. But, I have now been promoted to his position, which means A. more money! and B. more responsibility. and C. My own office. All in all, very good.

3. I am going on vacation! Today I leave for western NY to join a friend and head to Toronto. We love Pride weekend, and this will be my third year going. I am such a people watcher - and boy, do I get an eyeful up there! Then it will be camping for a few days around the Finger Lakes.

So, when I get back there will be lots more info - and hopefully lots more pics to support the stories!

11 June 2008

My Own Two Feet

I like to walk. I tend to prefer hiking trails or other nature-filled jaunts. However, I am reaching that point in my life that I know that ANYWHERE that gets me on my feet and moving is a good thing. I am relatively healthy, but have been leaning further over the Pit of Sedentariness and I am not liking the view. Especially around my waist.

So, I have been thinking of getting a treadmill. Of course, I live in an apartment, so there is a definite space issue, but have still been perusing the sites looking for one that could fit. Pricing was an issue too. So, I turned to Freecycle, and it came through very quickly. I found someone with a manual treadmill they wanted to get rid of. It doesn't fold, but it's half the size of an electric one. I will be taking brisk walks on it versus jogs because of the size, but it will get me moving and on my feet before the kids get up in the morning.

Today I found another handy site called WalkScore. This site lets you input your address and then tells you what businesses are within a walkable distance from your home. It also gives you a rating. My home is only 29 out of 100. Not good. I live in a city, but on a side that is more residential, so the availability of shopping is quite limited. However, there are some convenience stores less than a mile away, and I think that during those times the kids are away and I need to pop out for some supplies, I can use my own two feet to get there and spare the gas for something more important.