21 July 2008

A Birth Day

Blow out the candles
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My youngest niblet turns eight today.

With all the trials and tribulations of solo parenting - sometimes I forget to take pause and savor the presence of my childrens' smiles, their laughs, their ability to still find joy with an innocence that is lost with the years.

So, my dear, while you are ripping the ribbons and bright paper off the presents you receive today - I will enjoy the two that I have every day.

Love, Mom

15 July 2008

Keep Up with Me Here

Not only do I still not have internet at my home, but now I have no phone service.

Guess there is an issue with the underground cable and it has to be rerouted. The technician didn't know how long that will be.

Nice of them to send one though. Only took me six phone calls this weekend, with bad voice prompts and disconnects, for someone to say "Hey, we noticed on your last call there is a lot of static on your line. We want you to talk to phone repair and have them check it!"

Of course, I had asked about this with the other three techs that I had talked to about my DSL. Guess it takes a little while for them to catch up.

So, no pics until service is back.

10 July 2008

Online Woes

I am not sure which is worse to deal with.


The fact that I had a storm pass through last night which sent my DSL modem into freeze mode. This has happened before, and I have called about it before, but it has gotten corrected. I am getting a new modem, but will have no internet at home until then. I love technology, but realized about the fiftieth time I tried to open a webpage thinking "Maybe THIS time it will work!" - I may be a little to dependent on it for occupying time.

Or this:

The process of getting the new modem. This required two phone calls last evening. The first one, following the voice prompts given, routed me to the wrong department. They were happy to give me a "direct" phone number in case of a problem during connection to the correct department - then promptly disconnected me. The second call, on the "direct" number, routed me to the same wrong department. This one connected me, then proceeded to inform me - with a nice British/Indian accent - that my call would be answered in less than 30 MINUTES! Right.

So, I placed another call this morning. Not only did I get the right department, but a person that was definitely from the USA. (Don't get me going on outsourcing in regards to the economy - but I am sure those reps have as much understanding of our accent as we do theirs) He tested my line, had me plug and unplug various things, and said the modem was pretty much shot. So, I had to call back to the billing department, which wasn't open for another twenty minutes, using the "direct" line with some "keywords" and request a new one.

By now I had to take the niblets to camp and myself to the office. I settled in for the next round.

The first phone call, to the "direct" line with the "keywords", got me to the same wrong department as following the voice prompts. While the gentleman started the script of "in case of problem the direct number..." I said that was the one I called. He still went through his script, poor guy. And I was transferred to the wrong department. Then I was disconnected. Sigh.

(Then I had to go get an icepack for the lumps and bruises forming on my forehead from banging the phone receiver against it.)

So, for my next call, this time I used ONLY the keypad numbers, and actually got the right department! She was very helpful, although I was placed on hold to try to track down I actually DID get my modem through them, and my new one should be on its way.

Anyways, once I am back up at home I will be posting about my wonderfully (too short) relaxing (during, not afterwards) vacation!