25 January 2009

Wii Got It

Yes, Wii do!

We were very generously gifted with one of these systems for Christmas. Of course, the hype has been incredible this past year, and my kids made sure it was on their lists.

I wasn't sure about it. I admit had Colecovision growing up (anyone remember that?) and loved to play Donkey Kong. Remember when Mario wasn't the star and the Princess wasn't a fruit?

But, Santa had her (ahem) way and we ended up with it. I was surprised at how small it was. It is half the size of my DVD player. While the kids were still on vacation I brought it back home and set it up to make sure that it worked with my older tv.

When J. came to visit, we tested the system to make sure that the games worked correctly. Wouldn't you? I think I ended up with a rotator cuff injury during bowling...

17 January 2009

Quick Musings

I haven't said much about the New Year. There are a lot of situations that have begun to shift in a major way: some I am enjoying, some not - but all are making me ponder my Self a lot more. Am I living the Life I wanted? Well, no. But, if I haven't really tried to change things, how will I ever live it?

A big question - with a myriad of varied answers that will only be found on the journey...

Holiday weekends are nice to catch up on things, although this one will be spent traveling to LG to visit family, and hopefully some friends. But, I am bringing some knitting, as I have a baby blanket to finish before March. This can possibly be done, although if someone can freeze time for me for about two weeks so that all I have to do is knit, that would help.

I am also bringing a book: Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. This isn't my first read of Lynn Grabhorn's book, but with everything that goes on I think it deserves a reread. It is "the secret" WAY before The Secret was published.

I am also bringing these:

January always brings the seed catalogs, which I am glad for. Right now, with temps below freezing and an apartment that never heats up well...it lets me look forward to something that I KNOW will happen. This being my second year of gardening, I will try to be a bit more selective due to failures (zucchini) and undesired successes (lettuce). Plus the caretaker said I can garden down the hill next to the steps, as long as I leave some of the plantings at the bottom. So, definitely more herbs this year.