09 May 2010

Mother's Day

Today here throughout my country we celebrate Mother's Day. Today was the day I would present my mom with lots of pasta crafts: mosaics, necklaces. It seemed to be the gift du jour in the 70s.

I think things have gotten a bit better now. My son gave me muffins and mocha mix, my daughter a tile mosaic of a wizard riding a three-headed dragon.

My mom has watched my Life flow through many different twists and turns up until now, and just about kept up with them all. We haven't always seen eye to eye on them, but she has my back no matter what. I do know that.

My sister celebrates her first Mother's Day today, when she should have still been counting down to my nephew's due date. But after two surgeries and eight and a half weeks, he is doing well and over double his birth weight.

I remember the adults who achieved the title of "Mom" from my friends and I, after being in and out of their houses as much as their own children.

I adore all my friends who are moms - by blood, by paper, by action, by support; by accident, by chance, by happenstance; and always by love.

I honor the moms that are here, those that are gone, and those that will come when the Wheel Turns again. I also remember that my Path and my feet are upon the biggest Mother of all: this wonderful gift of a planet we have.

We celebrate you all today. Happy Mother's Day.