22 March 2012

It's Been Quiet

Too quiet, I know. However, things right now are kind of crazy for me. Why?

I am changing jobs! Starting early April, I am going to become a Library Director for a library in Western Massachusetts, so this also means that we are packing up and moving.

This is a large shake up to my normal routines, as I work on getting things together. It's all new: new job, new town, new home, new schools for the niblets. I am excited, and sad. I have had this wonderful house for more than two years, and while it has seen a lot of ups and downs contained within its walls, I have made it *my* home. I will miss my kitchen and my porch and my garden. Oh my garden! (sniff)

I will admit that I am thrilled to be moving to a city that DOES allow urban chickens, although I will not have them in the place I am renting. (BUT, plans do include them, eventually.) I will also be closer to WEBS, which makes my yarn stash grow just by thinking about it.

So, things will probably stay static here and at The Plugged-In Librarian for a little while until I can get Life sorted and my feet firmly on my Path again. Do not fret, dear readers. I shall return!

14 March 2012

Review: The Lavender Lover's Handbook by Sarah Berringer Bader

The Book:

Fragrant and beautiful, lavender has been a part of gardens for decades. Whether you are just looking for a new variety for your bed, or needing more information on its many uses, The Lavender Lover's Handbook will show you the way.

The Yarn:

I love lavender. As my gardening skills have grown these past years, this is one plant I always make sure to have. While my planter at my old apartment thrived with huge blooms, the plants that are now in my flower bed are small and woody. Needless to say I was thrilled to pick up this title so that I could learn more about it.

Sarah Berringer Bader has turned her her own passion for this herb into a successful career growing and selling them through her business, Lavender at Stonegate. I knew there were a lot more types than the Grosso I have picked up at the local nurseries, but Bader highlights 100 varieties, giving details on how the plants deal with weather and planting conditions. Other practical notes such as recipes for culinary use and dried crafts show that Bader has a broad understanding of this versatile plant. Terrific photos throughout showcase landscapes and herb gardens, where lavender adds a more than just its namesake coloring: dark blues, bright pinks and white all intermingle with a full range of purples. You can even find lavenders that are bi-color, green or silver.

A field guide, growing guide and craft guide all in one, The Lavender Lover's Handbook has something for anyone who loves this plant.

The Ink:

Title: The Lavender Lover's Handbook: The 100 Most Beautiful and Fragrant varieties for Growing, Crafting, and Cooking
Author: Sarah Berringer Bader
Publisher: Timber Press
Date: April 2012
Read: NetGalley ebook provided by publisher