09 February 2008

Book List

This week's haul from the library:

The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry Kathleen Finn
*I have been trying to get this book for the last six months--FINALLY*

In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto Michael Pollan

A Murderous Glaze: A Clay and Crime Mystery Melissa Glazer

The Double Bind Chris Bohjalian

The Produce Bible Leanne Ktichen

The Geography of Bliss Eric Weiner

27 January 2008

Book List

Books have been my teachers, my friends, my joys, my escapes since I was a little child. In elementary school, back before there were the lovely ILS systems I work on now, the librarian would write up your title and due date on a card that had your name on it. If you filled up both sides of the card, she would staple a new one on top and begin again.

Needless to say, I had many, many cards stacked together each year.

My kids and I try to go to the library every Saturday. Not only do they enjoy perusing the shelves--okay, so my son likes the light table and my daughter only looks at graphic novels--but then I get to see the titles I am not prepared for, now that I am not the one ordering the books anymore. I do miss that. This also gives me a review of the titles I want to add to my permanent collection.

This is what I have in my stack this week:

Mortal Groove: A Jane Lawless Mystery, Ellen Hart

To Buy or Not To Buy Organic, Cindy Burke

The Witch is Dead: An Ophelia and Abbey Mystery, Shirley Damsgaard

Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables, Mike and Nancy Bubel

Putting Food By, Janet Greene, Ruth Hertzberg and Beatrice Vaughn

The Omnivore's Dilemma, Michael Pollan

Growing Midget Vegetables at Home, Grant & Holly Gilmore

And last but not least, my indulgence purchase yesterday:

Home Cheese Making, Ricki Carroll