01 October 2013

What I Was Doing All Summer

I would love to say that I was on summer vacation, and that is why there were no posts from me between July and now, but HA! I work in a library and do adult programming and summer reading and what is this "vacation" thing?

However, I did get out of the library a bit. I spent a week of August at Ferry Beach again, in Saco, Maine. For the last four years I have attended In The Company of Women, a women's conference held there every summer. Last year and this year I was a conference coordinator, and this year I was a solo leader - not that I was alone. There were some terrific workshop leaders, and the ladies who attend are always willing to pitch in, but it definitely took a lot of time and energy through the year leading up to it. With some things on the horizon this winter I knew that I would not be heading back next year. I am fortunate to have been able to leave the conference in some wonderful hands.

Back at the library, summer reading went off quite well. This was my second summer doing the adult program, and I know that the biggest draw is the ending get-together, so I kept things light with a couple of crafts and some speakers. Our youth program is hopping during the summer and the staff is always on the go. It makes me very happy to do programming for adults!

I started making contact with the schools in June, so when I saw that the middle and high schools were doing their open houses at the end of September, I immediately got in touch with them. We were able to set up a table at both schools (the elementary schools do their open houses in October) and we talked about library cards, Teen Reads Week, ebooks, and more!

However, what I just finished last week was the big baby through the summer. The Board approved our new Strategic Plan, our first one in many years. I am thrilled to have had such an active committee from so many areas of the community, and their hard work paid off. This has been sent off to the State Board of Library Commissioners, and next year we will be able to pursue some LSTA grants!

Not that this means I get to sit back and read now. I have a fundraiser mailing to get together for our newest project: a mobile laptop lab. Plus a lighting installation to complete, fall programming to set up, new wireless access points to be installed, and always so much more. I have been the director at this library for eighteen months now, and sometimes I feel like I have so much to do! Which is true, I do. I just need to remember everything I have accomplished too.