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Oct 5, 2011

Review: It's Always Been You by Victoria Dahl

The Book:

Aidan York has spent the last ten years running away from the past. The love of his life was lost to him, first by an argument then by her death. While his life has been filled with business deals and women, nothing will stop the emptiness in his heart occupied by his Kate. But when he steps into that coffee shop only to be faced with Kate - as alive as can be - will Aidan's heart heal, or will Kate's secrets destroy whatever is left?

The Yarn:

When Aidan York and Kate Tremont parted ten years ago during a lover's quarrel, neither expected circumstance to turn it into such a dramatic parting. Kate has escaped from a forced marriage in Ceylon to become a businesswoman in England. Aidan, told Kate died all those years ago, has used work, alcohol and women to fill the space losing Kate has left. After a chance reconnection, Aidan knows that his feelings are as strong as ever. Yet Kate insists there can be nothing between them. What is Kate hiding, and how will Aidan handle when her past comes to confront them?

Beyond the incredible "of all the coffee shops in all the coastal towns of England we run into each other here" point of meeting, Kate and Aidan's story is romance at its core. Torn away by fights and family, presumed dead, a past to hide from and secrets to be discovered. All of this wound around two people jaded by their last ten years of life, wanting to believe in love but having to overcome the walls of hurt.

It's Always Been You is a light historical romance with a dash of intrigue. Those who are familiar with Victoria Dahl's contemporary titles will find this a change of pace, but a nice addition to the York Family series.

The Ink:

Title: It's Always Been You (York Family, #2)
Author: Victoria Dahl
Publisher: Kensington
Date: August 2011
Read: Mass Market Paperback (Provided by publisher)